6 Characteristics

The secret of high quality is in the hydrogen water mineral adding cartridge and the water quality stability pack.

The features of Aqua Bank Water

  • Terahertz ore

    Gives high molecular vibration

  • Anion ceramic

    Suppresses bacteria and
    reduces active oxygen

  • Silver enhanced active carbon

    Antibacterial properties,
    bacterial actions

  • Infrared rays, ceramic balls

    Ceramic balls subdivide
    water molecules

  • Special magnecium

    Makes regular water
    into hydrogen water

  • Maifan stone ball

    Gives antibacterial properties

  • Bamboo active carbon

    Gives high molecular vibration

Our Original Ceramic ball technology

Terahertz Ore

We process Terahertz which is said to have a hertz zone super molecular vibration

Infrared Rays

It makes infrared rays from many materials, and helps dissemble particles.


Made from calcium which is refined from natural scallop shells.